Augers & Conveyors

Harvest by Meridian brings dependability, trust and innovation to the agriculture equipment industry. We have continued to expand our product lines to help our customers find incredible value in their equipment purchases.

Precision-engineered Harvest International augers include the H Series, A Series, T Series and newly released H-XT Series. Created with the highest quality parts and completed with a Powder Coat Plus, these augers are held to a high standard of long-lasting durability. Choose from over 25 different models with height, length, horsepower and capacity variables.

Harvest International has designed conveyors gentle enough for use with seed but tough enough to handle fertilizer. The all-purpose conveyors can be moved in and out of the field or remain stationary for inside purposes. Either way your needs take you, the FC Field Conveyor or TC Top Drive Conveyor Series will be a highly versatile product in your equipment line-up.

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