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Top Drive Grain Augers

Harvest by Meridian manufactures the T-series top drive augers to be durable and easy to operate. Built with the highest quality parts, the top drive grain augers are engineered using fully integrated laser technology and iron edge flighting which is up to 50% thicker at the edge than other augers. The flex hopper increases capacity up to 10% and the wheel kit allows for easy yard maneuvering.  With many options to choose from, Harvest by Meridian augers will help you get the job done.

H-XT Swing Auger Series

Choose from several models based on height, length, horsepower and capacity variables. The entire line of swing-away augers feature the hydraulic scissor lift and the Torpedo In-feed for higher capacity and efficiency. Harvest by Meridian is proud to manufacture this line of strong, streamlined, safe & easy to service augers that are designed to save you time moving grain and feed.