Harvest by Meridian Manufacturing - Harvest By Meridian

2018 / 2019 Harvest by Meridian Grain Augers & Belt Conveyors Early Order Program


Discount Schedule: Booking Booking + Wells Fargo In-Season
Auger & Conveyor Discount – 1+ Truckloads or Min. $65,000 39% + 7% 39% + 4% 39%
Auger & Conveyor Discount – Less than 1 Truckload or $65,000 35% + 7% 35% + 4% 35%
Accessory Discount on Augers & Conveyors 35% 35% 30%
Miscellaneous Parts (other than Accessories) 25% 25% 25%

Terms & Conditions:

  • Booking Order Deadline: Jan. 7, 2019 to obtain Booking or Booking with Wells Fargo.
  • In-Season Pricing: Orders placed on and after Jan. 8, 2019 for the remainder of the season.
  • All discounts will be based off current pricelist at time of order (pricing subject to change without notice) and are FOB- Storm Lake Iowa
  • Purchase Order # is required to confirm orders for processing.
  • Payment Terms:
    • Booking or In-Season Orders – Standard Terms per Dealer Account.
    • Booking + Wells Fargo Dealer Inventory Financing – Interest Free for 360 days Subject to Credit Approval.
    • Auger & Conveyor Accessories and Parts – Standard Terms per Dealer Account


  • Booking orders may be shipped in stages at Meridian’s discretion to expedite sold orders.
  • Meridian will make all attempts to satisfy desired delivery needs.
  • Delivery or pickup of your product must occur within 14 days of notification that the order is ready.
  • Truckload Rate for Unassembled augers: $3.50 / loaded mile, FOB-Storm Lake Iowa. A drop charge of $100 will be assessed for split loads.
  • Tow rates for assembled augers from the factory/setup yard to dealer/end user may include flat rate charge Regina, SK. to the setup yard plus:
    • $3.00 / loaded mile for augers that are 90ft & shorter. o call for freight rate for 13” augers that are 92ft & longer.


  • Dealer is responsible for assembly scheduling and charges.
  • Auger & Conveyor setup rates that are provided are based on Truckload quantities or a minimum of $65,000 U.S order amount.
  • Additional setup charges and fuel surcharges may apply to orders less than truckload quantities or less than $65,000 .

Thanks for your business and we look forward to growing the Harvest by Meridian Auger & Conveyor business with you. Please feel free to contact your RSM with any questions.

Bill Morgan,
Harvest by Meridian
Product Manager